Analyst Reports

DateResearch HouseHighlights
20 November 2020HLIB ResearchLocal operations unfazed by Covid-19
19 November 2020AllianceDBS ResearchSubdued outlook
19 November 2020RHB ResearchProgress Billings Picked Up Post MCO; Keep BUY
19 November 2020HLIB ResearchStrong earnings indeed
27 August 2020HLIB ResearchDecent showing despite MCO
27 August 2020RHB ResearchSales Remain Strong Despite MCO; Stay BUY
26 August 2020UOB Research1QFY21: Strong Rebound In Sales
26 August 2020KAF Research1Q21 Results In Line
10 July 2020UOB ResearchFY20: Results Within Estimates
10 July 2020RHB ResearchSolid Balance Sheet To Help Weather Headwinds
10 July 2020HLIB ResearchEnding Strong
10 July 2020AllianceDBS ResearchResilient developer
24 February 2020HLIB ResearchPipeline Launches to Cater to Market Demand
21 February 2020RHB ResearchOn Track To Hit Full-Year Sales Target; Keep BUY
20 February 2020KAF ResearchAbove Expectations
20 February 2020AllianceDBS ResearchTop-notch Delivery and Execution
21 November 2019RHB ResearchSales and Earnings Still Resilient; BUY
21 November 2019HLIB ResearchOn Track to Meet Sales Target
21 November 2019AllianceDBS ResearchSteady Quarter
30 August 2019HLIB ResearchIndustrial Land Sale Revenue To Pick Up; BUY
30 August 2019HLIB ResearchStarting The Year Right
29 August 2019AllianceDBS ResearchSteady As She Goes
18 March 2019HLIB ResearchFunding the Iconic Twin Towers in PIK 2
18 March 2019RHB ResearchEntering New Market With Prudence; BUY
22 February 2019HLIB ResearchLikely to Exceed Sales Target
21 February 2019AllianceDBS ResearchHit by Higher Expenses
21 February 2019HLIB ResearchA Weaker than Expected Quarter
21 February 2019RHB ResearchWeighed Down by Higher Expenses; Keep BUY
15 November 2018HLIB ResearchGrowing Against the Odds
15 November 2018RHB ResearchProperty Sales Should Exceed Target Soon
15 November 2018AllianceDBS ResearchUnrivalled Performance
3 October 2018AllianceDBS Research
Expansion into Indonesia
24 May 2018RHB Research
MYR1.2bn New Sales In FY18
24 May 2018HLIB Research
Scaling New Heights
1 March 2018RHB Research
Full-Year New Sales to Surpass MYR1bn Target
28 February 2018AllianceDBS Research
Steady Quarter
24 November 2017RHB Research
Higher Sales As More Bookings Were Converted
24 November 2017HLIB Research1HFY18 results: Within expectations
17 May 2017RHB ResearchHit MYR1.03bn Property Sales In FY17
17 May 2017Kenanga ResearchA Disappointing Year…
17 May 2017HLIB ResearchFY17 Results cum Bonus Issue
17 May 2017BIMB ResearchSet to be a Bigger Player
17 May 2017AllianceDBS ResearchProxy to Affordable Housing
24 February 2017Kenanga Research9M17 Missed Expectations
24 February 2017HLIB ResearchOn Track to Hit RM1bn Sales Target
24 February 2017AllianceDBS ResearchProxy to Affordable Housing
23 February 2017RHB ResearchFY17F Sales Could Exceed MYR1bn Mark
16 November 2016RHB ResearchMargin Contraction Kicked In But Dividends Intact
16 November 2016Hong Leong ResearchOn track to achieve sales target
16 November 2016AllianceDBS ResearchProxy to affordable housing
26 August 2016RHB ResearchOn Track To Hit Sales Target
26 August 2016Kenanga ResearchSteady Start
26 August 2016HLIB ResearchTargeting RM1bn new sales
26 August 2016BIMB Securities ResearchBanking on strong demand for affordable housing
26 August 2016AllianceDBS ResearchProxy to affordable housing
9 August 2016HLIB ResearchProxy play for affordable housing…
23 May 2016Kenanga ResearchCounting on Seremban Projects
23 May 2016HLIB ResearchCash is King
23 May 2016BIMB Securities ResearchBandar Sri Sendayan to Steer FY17 Sales
23 May 2016AllianceDBS ResearchProxy to affordable housing
20 May 2016Kenanga Research15M16 Results Inline
20 May 2016HLIB ResearchRecord High Earnings
20 May 2016BIMB Securities ResearchSteady Performance
19 May 2016RHB Research6% Dividend Yield Is Still Good
19 May 2016AllianceDBS ResearchNo signs of slowing down
12 Apr 2016AllianceDBS ResearchSlower sales is the new norm
25 Feb 2016RHB ResearchDividend Payout Ability Remains Strong
25 Feb 2016Kenanga Research12M16 Results Inline
25 Feb 2016HLIB ResearchResilient Township Developer
25 Feb 2016BIMB Securities ResearchAcing the Game
25 Feb 2016AllianceDBS ResearchAll-time high property sales
7 Jan 2016HLIB ResearchProperty: 2016 – Another Challenging Year
14 Dec 2015AllianceDBS ResearchProxy to Affordable Housing
18 Nov 2015Kenanga Research9M15 Results Broadly Inline
18 Nov 2015HLIB ResearchHealth Demand for Affordable Housing
18 Nov 2015AllianceDBS ResearchRecord High Property Sales
17 Nov 2015RHB Research
Demand For Affordable Housing Is Strong
3 Nov 2015AllianceDBS Research
Pure Township Developer (Initiating Coverage)
11 Aug 2015RHB Research
Ready To Ride Through The Storm
11 Aug 2015HLIB Research
2QFY15 Result – Inline
11 Aug 2015Kenanga Research
Staying On Track
10 Aug 2015RHB Research
Still Paying Good Dividend
14 May 2015HLIB Research
Everything’s On Track
13 May 2015RHB Research
Dividend Payout Ratio Will Be Consistent
13 May 2015RHB ResearchA Bumper Quarter
13 May 2015Kenanga ResearchAccelerated Performance…
13 May 2015HLIB Research1QFY15 Results Above Expectations
22 Apr 2015Kenanga ResearchSecond Foray in Klang Valley…
22 Apr 2015HLIB ResearchExpansion in Klang Valley
22 Apr 2015BIMB Securities ResearchThumbs Up – 2nd Round of KV Expansion
16 Apr 2015Kenanga ResearchBonus Issue 2.0!
16 Apr 2015HLIB ResearchProposed Bonus Issue and Free Warrants
16 Apr 2015BIMB Securities ResearchBonanza – Bonus Issue & Free Warrants
15 Apr 2015RHB ResearchBonus Issue Once Again
16 Feb 2015RHB ResearchOutlook Remains Promising
16 Feb 2015Kenanga ResearchCapitalising on Greater KL
16 Feb 2015HLIB ResearchSustainable Growth for 2015
13 Feb 2015RHB ResearchGenerous Dividend Payout In 4Q
13 Feb 2015Kenanga ResearchSpecial Dividends for CNY!
13 Feb 2015 HLIB ResearchFY14 Results Above Expectations
19 Nov 2014Kenanga ResearchWell Positioned
19 Nov 2014HLIB ResearchPositive Outlook Despite Challenging Times
18 Nov 2014HLIB Research9mFY14 Results In Line
18 Nov 2014RHB ResearchEncouraging Sales Outlook For FY15
18 Nov 2014Kenanga Research9m14 Results Inline
17 Nov 2014RHB ResearchDividend and Earnings On Track
23 Sep 2014BIMB Securities ResearchBeefing Up – Sendayan TechPark (STP)
22 Sep 2014Kenanga ResearchIndustrial Landbank Replenishment
22 Sep 2014HLIB ResearchGrowing It’s Industrial Landbank
22 Sep 2014RHB ResearchSuccessfully Replenishes Industrial Landbank
21 Aug 2014HLIB ResearchMaking the right moves
21 Aug 2014Kenanga ResearchBanking on GDV Replenishment
20 Aug 2014BIMB Securities ResearchAnother solid quarter
20 August 2014Kenanga ResearchSteady Performance
20 August 2014HLIB ResearchResults on the rebound
20 Aug 2014RHB ResearchMore Industrial Land Sales Seen For 2H
19 Aug 2014RHB ResearchProperty Sales Pick Up In 2Q
23 May 2014HLIB ResearchBriefing Highlights
23 May 2014RHB ResearchSales, earnings and growth plans on track
23 May 2014Kenanga ResearchMore excitement in the pipeline
28 Apr 2014HLIB ResearchMinor related party transaction
14 Apr 2014RHB Research1-for-2 Bonus Issue Announced
14 Apr 2014Kenanga Research1-for-2 Bonus Issue
14 Apr 2014HLIB Research1-for-2 Bonus Issue
21 Mar 2014HLIB ResearchAdding value to Matrix Global Schools
27 Feb 2014RHB ResearchMore Efforts To Value Add Existing Projects
27 Feb 2014Kenanga ResearchEnhancing Land Value
27 Feb 2014HLIB ResearchAnalyst briefing highlights; TP: RM4.49
26 Feb 2014Kenanga ResearchFY13 Results Within Expectations
26 Feb 2014RHB ResearchAs Good as Expected
26 Feb 2014HLIB ResearchResults in-line
6 Jan 2014RHB ResearchStanding Out to be Counted
3 Dec 2013Kenanga ResearchA Defensive Developer
20 Nov 2013BIMB SecuritiesDividends Galore
20 Nov 2013HLIB ResearchGood set of results; raising our TP
24 September 2013HLIB ResearchGaining traction with investors
18 Sep 2013CIMB ResearchIrresistible valuations
17 Sep 2013RHB ResearchNo longer at a hidden spot
28 Aug 2013HLIB ResearchLand sales an icing on the cake
27 Aug 2013BIMB Securities ResearchSpreading its wings
27 Aug 2013HLIB ResearchStrong earnings and land acquisition
16 Jul 2013HLIB ResearchProperty Sector Report – Top Pick: Matrix Concepts
10 Jul 2013HLIB ResearchExpanding its foothold in Seremban
9 Jul 2013BIMB Securities ResearchSpreading its wings
28 May 2013BIMB Securities ResearchDeveloping Seremban
15 May 2013CIMB ResearchNew Kid Aims High
15 May 2013Alliance ResearchA Matrix of Hidden Value
15 May 2013Maybank IB ResearchEnter the Matrix!
15 May 2013RHB ResearchRiding the Sector Upcycle
15 May 2013Inter-Pacific ResearchThe Matrix Revolutions
14 May 2013Hwang DBS VickersMatrix Concepts Holdings Berhad: Fair Value: RM2.85
14 May 2013TA SecuritiesMatrix Concepts: A Value + Growth Stock
13 May 2013HLIB ResearchRiding the Seremban Growth
10 May 2013Kenanga Investment BankMatrix Concepts: A Greater Klang Valley play